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Sean Nalewanyj: Bodybuilding Profile

Sean Nalewanyj is an experienced bodybuilder with expertise in researching and promoting the most effective natural bodybuilding and fitness methods available. Looked down on as the "skinny kid" growing up, he started weight training in his basement, but soon got hooked to bodybuilding and has been into bodybuilding ever since.

Sean says, I realized that sitting around whining to myself wasn't going to get the job done, it was time to get off my ass and do something about it! .

Sean is a lifetime natural bodybuilder. He has written dozens of articles for top muscle building Websites across the Internet and is widely recognized as an expert authority on muscle building.

Sean Nalewanyj's Stats

  • Name: Sean Nalwanyj
  • E-mail: sean@musclegaintruth.com
  • Age: 19
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Height: 5' 9"


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Sean Nalewanyj's Muscle Building Program

Sean is a fulltime fitness trainer. Through his highly successful website, and his top quality email lessons, Sean has helped thousands of normal guys get their dream physique and make the most out of their lives.

Sean's renowned natural bodybuilding program, "The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System", was taken hands on. Within the first year of launch, the Muscle Gain Truth was able to established itself as the most popular muscle-building program (source:clickbank.com). Sean's program was widely appreciated and is recommended by a lot of bodybuilding experts. The program's popularity can be indexed by the fact that it got mentioned in a November issue of the New York Times.

Sean admits that achieving an impressive, muscular physique is not as easy as most promoters make it out to be, but believes without a doubt that he can help anyone build the powerful, muscular body they desire as long as they are willing to put forth the effort.

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