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If you're used to living an "unhealthy" lifestyle and your doctor warns you that you will literally die if you do not lose weight, what will you do?  For author, life coach and fitness authority Jon Benson, the answer is simple: get up and actually do something about it.

Jon was only 38 when he heard those words from his doctor.  Back then, he was "sick, fat and slowly dying".  Fortunately, something good comes out of desperate situations like these.

Determined to change his lifestyle, Jon turned to a quite unusual source which served as his diet and fitness guide. It was Tony Robbins' motivational video, which focused on a concept that Jon said "changed his life forever".  It was the concept of role modeling.


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Jon Benson’s Stats

  • Name: Jon Benson
  • Occupation: Author, life coach, fitness professional
  • Authored Health & Fitness Programs: The M-Power Inner Circle (MPIC), M-Power Fitness, Scale the World, Fit Over 40, Simply Eat                                                 
  • E-mail: jon [at] jonbenson [dot] com
  • Websites: www.jonbenson.com,     www.mpowerseries.com

Jon Benson, the Concept of "Role Modeling" and His Health & Fitness Program

So when Jon Benson stumbled upon the concept of role modeling, he used it to lose weight and sculpt his body, achieving the physical results that he now enjoys.

Basically, the concept of role modeling revolves around finding people who have the skills, knowledge or results that you desire – and copying their methods to achieve the results that you want for yourself.

In Jon's case, his role models were found in the following people:

    • Clarence Bass, author of "Lean for Life" and "Ripped"
    • Dr. Richard Winett, author of  "Ageless Athletes" and founder or "Master Trainer" magazine
    • Dave Draper, former Mr. Universe
    • Frank Zane, former Mr. Olympia
    • Shawn Phillips, fitness icon
    • Roger Applewhite, trainer

    Now, if you think that all Jon did to come up with his successful exercise and fitness programs is by interviewing these people and randomly gathering facts from these people that he think might work – think again.

    Just like any other author worth his salt, Jon dug deep, rolled up his sleeves and did all the 'dirty work' necessary to analyze the success stories of these people. Incidentally, his role models all have one thing in common – they're more than 40 years old.

    After determining what the common denominator is to succeed in being fit over the age of 40, Jon has this to say:

    "My results were astonishing... within 12 months, I totally reversed the damage I had done to my body and literally slashed at least 10-15 years off my biological age."

    After being sick, fat and slowly dying – doing fitness and health the "role modeling" way helped Jon lose much of his body fat, increase his muscle mass, double his strength, shrink his waits size, drop his blood pressure – and be pretty much everything that a super-fit 40 year old needs to be.

    By being a success story himself, Jon has come up with "Fit Over 40" – one of the most popular e-book in the world which depicts 54 real-world role models who aim to share their secrets to a life of fitness and health. After authoring and co-authoring several successful books and e-books, Jon is now working on completing his M.Sc. in Nutritional Science to further his knowledge in the field of nutrition, health and fitness.


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