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Jeff Anderson: Bodybuilding Profile

Online fitness consultant, author of an Internet bestseller, a gym rat and the "Muscle Nerd" – these are just some of the things that Jeff Anderson is best known for.

First up, let us take a look at what earned him the nickname the "Muscle Nerd".  Jeff was among the many exercise enthusiasts who, for many years, kept on trying one muscle building program after another.

Knowing that his 6'2" frame deserved to be more muscular, Jeff went through one bodybuilding program after another. The problem was that none of them really seemed to work – for him or for any of his fellow gym rats, for that matter.

Deciding to take charge of his own fate, Jeff wanted to "cheat his genetic limitations" by keenly taking notes of the results for each individual muscle building program that he tried. You would often see him in the gym with a notebook, a pencil, headphones and a weight belt. This signature look that Jeff sported when going to the gym earned him the nickname "Muscle Nerd" – and it stuck.

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Jeff Anderson’s Stats

  1. Name: Jeff Anderson
  2. Nickname: “The Muscle Nerd”
  3. Occupation: Online fitness consultant, author
  4. Height: 6’ 2”
  5. Authored Exercise Programs: “Optimum Anabolics”
  6. E-mail: musclenerd [at] grow-muscle-now [dot] com
  7. Websites: www.optimum-anabolics.com,     www.natural-body-building-tips.com


Jeff Anderson’s Muscle Building Program

So how did Jeff get converted from being a gym rat, "Muscle Nerd" to being an Internet bestselling author?

At first, he meticulously separated the muscle-building exercises from the ones that harbored great results from the ones that are a mere waste of time. Just like any other great discoveries, this gem of an idea came to Jeff when he accidentally stumbled upon a unique tactic: using the body's own genetic defenses against themselves.  The result is more muscle built and more fat burned.

Naturally, the program needed some fine-tuning, but the basic concept is already established.  After a couple of years of experimentation and further studies, Jeff Anderson gifted the online world with the "Optimum Anabolics" program, which was of course authored by the "Muscle Nerd".


Optimum Anabolics

"It's not easy filtering through all of the confusing and misleading bodybuilding and fat loss information out there...and I know from experience!"
-Jeff Anderson

Again, the concept behind the "Optimum Anabolics" program is to use the body's own genetic defenses against themselves in order to build more muscle while burning fat.

Through his intensive research, Jeff created a complete step-by-step program which aims to build and increase muscle mass.  It is done in such a way that the body is 'programmed' to achieve its goal of developing muscle mass.

Today, Jeff has gone a long way from being the tall and lean frustrated body builder who cannot seem to get anywhere near the body type that he wanted to achieve.

The "Muscle Nerd" now has two websites, a successful "Optimum Anabolics" program and several fitness programs under his name.

Despite his continued success in the fitness industry, Jeff Anderson can still be seen in gyms 'armed' with a notebook, a pocket protector and dumbbells – tirelessly doing his research for the ultimate fitness program that will turn the average Joe and Jane into extraordinary works of art.


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