All You Need To Know About Building Muscle!.

When you think of a weight loss program, what do you think is the number one culprit?  If fat is your answer, you're absolutely right.  Fighting the fat and building more muscle has always been the goal of most exercise programs in the market today.

But nothing beats the fat-fighting techniques which are taught by Craig Ballantyne, the author of the popular e-book and exercise program called "Turbulence Training". Read on to find out more about Craig's professional background and what Turbulence Training is all about.


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Craig Ballantyne's Professional Background

A native of Toronto, Canada, Craig Ballantyne is a world-renowned Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist or CSCS. Professionally, he's in the process of completing a Master's of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology – which he is taking from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. 

Prior to the release of Turbulence Training, Craig has already written numerous fitness articles in the following publications:
- Fitness Hers
- Men's Health
- Men's Fitness
- Maximum Fitness
- Muscle
- Oxygen

Craig is also a member of the Training Advisory Board for a couple of these publications, Maximum Fitness and Oxygen.

Back in his hometown, Craig has worked extensively with athletes. In 2007, he worked as a consultant for Canada's rugby team.

Despite all of these accomplishments, you can probably consider his being a strength and conditioning coach in Toronto to be his main occupation, but he has a lot of other things going on on the side. Not one to let the opportunity of learning something new pass him by, Craig continually studies the latest in training, supplementation and nutrition research.

For all of these, there's just one goal that Craig has: to improve the physical and mental performance of his clients, as well as their overall health and wellness.


Craig Ballantyne's Stats

  1. Name: Craig Ballantyne
  2. Hometown: Toronto, Canada
  3. Occupation: Author, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist 
  4. Authored Exercise Programs: “Turbulence Training”
  5. E-mail address: cb [at] cbathletics [dot] com  
  6. Websites: www.turbulencetraining.com,      www.dietdebunker.com


Craig Ballantyne's "Turbulence Training"

As mentioned earlier, Craig Ballantyne is most known for the exercise program that he authored, which is called "Turbulence Training". The main goal of this program is to help individuals lose fat despite their busy schedules.

The premise of Turbulence Training is to help you get fit in less than three hours per week.  This is without going through a seemingly endless routine of cardio exercises, using fancy equipment or downing expensive diet supplements!

The 'trick' that Craig up his sleeve is making sure that the workouts change every four weeks – so that you can reach your weight and body type goal successfully. Also, it’s a combination of short, intense workouts rather than long, boring routines that Turbulence Training is promoting.

Since the release of his Turbulence Training e-book, Craig has been considered to be an authority on the subject of losing fat and building muscle with the least amount of time.  Basically, this just goes to show how extremely effective the exercises are from the Turbulence Training program.


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Turbulence Training
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